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Top 10 selling motorcycles in Oct 2019 – Hero Splendor No 1

Hero Splendor
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Top ten motorcycles sold in October 2019 have more or less sold in the same order of popularity with only a handful breaking rank. Hero Splendor continues to triumph on top. This time around though sales contracted by a small margin. Sales fell 1.58 percent at 2,64,137 units, down from 2,68,377 units. MoM sales grew positively, up from 2,44,667 units sold the month earlier.

Hero HF Deluxe sales fell 7.27 percent. Sales volume is down by 14,561 units, down to 1,85,751 units from 2,00,312 units. MoM sales fell 4.79 percent, down from 1,95,093 units sold in September 2019. Bajaj Pulsar gained 5.69 percent. Sales is up at 95,509 units, up from 90,363 units.

From MoM standpoint, sales is phenomenal, up 40.31 percent from 68,068 units. Honda CB Shine is 4th on the list despite lower sales. Sales decline is reported at 3.92 percent, down at 87,743 units, down from 91,319 units. The month earlier, sales was marginally better with 88,893 units sold. The vehicle in its BSVI avatar is now called SP 125.

Top 10 motorcycle sales Oct 2019

Bajaj takes the next two spots with Platina and CT100. Platina sales dropped by 4.86 percent at 70,466 units, down from 74,064 units. However, MoM sales grew 60.23 percent from the dismal 43,978 units sold the month prior. CT100 sales fell noticeably by 34.37 percent. Sales contracted to 61,483 units, down from 93,676 units. The month prior, sales was even less promising at 51,778 units.

Hero MotoCorp lost big with its next two motorcycles. Hero Passion sales fell by 45.88 percent, down to 45,928 units from 84,870 units. In September 2019, sales were as low as 40,672 units. Hero Glamour sales decline is reported at 49.28 percent. Sales fell to 40,896 units, down from 80,627 units. MoM sales decline was poor too. At 34.06 percent decline, sales fell by 21,120 units from the previous month.

Royal Enfield Classic 350 sales fell by 7,212 units. Sales decline is reported at 15.63 percent, down to 38,936 units from 46,148 units sold in October 2018. MoM sales improved from a poor showing of 29,376 units sold in September 2019. TVS Apache sales contracted by 7,337 units. Sales fell to 34,059 units, down 17.72 percent from 41,396 units.

Sales was even lower in September 2019, when 29,889 units were sold. In all, the top 10 motorcycles account for total sales of 9,24,908 units in October 2019. That’s a volume contraction of 1,46,244 units, down 13.65 percent from 10,71,152 units sold in October 2018. MoM sales showed improvement. This could be on account of the long and dependable festival season. MoM sales grew 8.25 percent, up from 8,54,430 units sold the month earlier.

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