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Top 10 two wheeler sales Dec 2019 – Hero Splendor beats Honda Activa

Hero Splendor
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December 2019 wasn’t an ambitious year end period. If anything, sales were lacklustre for most top selling two-wheelers. Hero MotoCorp however did pull a fast one and finds two of its products as the months top two sold bikes. Hero Splendor dominates the list at 1,93,726 units sold in Dec 2019.

And that too at a sales growth. Having sold 15,315 units more than last December, when 1,78,411 units were sold. Sales growth stands at 8.58 percent. Hero HF Deluxe sales, though a lot lower than last December, has managed to climb into second spot in the list. Sales is down 15.95 percent, down to 1,38,951 units from 1,65,321. Volume contracted by 26,370 units.

In the big volume sphere, Honda Activa lost big time. Sales fell 24.37 percent to 1,31,899 units, down from 1,74,393 units sold in December 2018. Competition was clearly more cutthroat the previous winter. This December, Activa sales volume was contained by as much as a quarter having lost volume by 42,494 units. To put that in perspective, that’s more than what some top sellers have registered as sales for the month.

Two WheelerDec-19Dec-18Diff%
1Hero Splendor1,93,7261,78,41115,3158.58
2Hero HF Deluxe1,38,9511,65,321-26,370-15.95
3Honda Activa1,31,8991,74,393-42,494-24.37
4Honda CB Shine51,06649,4681,5983.23
5Bajaj Pulsar50,93156,737-5,806-10.23
6TVS Luna XL Super45,66959,828-14,159-23.67
7Suzuki Access37,49539,163-1,668-4.26
8TVS Jupiter36,18452,502-16,318-31.08
9Bajaj Platina35,91458,474-22,560-38.58
10Bajaj CT 10030,75830,743150.05

Honda CB Shine sales gained 3.23 percent. The company reported sales at 51,066 units, up from 49,468 units sold a year earlier. Bajaj Pulsar sales sees it in fifth spot. Sales fell 10.23 percent, down to 50,931 units from 56,737 units sold a year earlier.

TVS Luna XL Super sales took a beating. Sales fell to 45,669 units, down from 59,828 units sold a year ago. Suzuki Access sales though by no account better find itself favourably positioned seventh on the list. This again is on account of other products selling poorly. Suzuki Access sales fell a marginal 4.26 percent, down to 37,495 units from 39,163 units a year earlier.

TVS Jupiter sales fell almost by a third. Sales is down 31.08 percent, down to 36,184 units from 52,502 units. Bajaj Platina sales is down to 35,914 units, down from 58,474 units. Sales decline is reported at 38.58 percent.

On the last spot for the list of top 10 two wheelers sold in Dec 2019, is Bajaj CT 100. It registered sales of 30,758 units, as against 30,743 units sold in Dec 2018. Total sales of the top 10 in Dec 2019 stood at 7.52 lakhs. This is a 13% decline as compared to Dec 2018 sales of these 10 two wheelers.

Two wheeler sales dec 2019

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