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Top 10 Two Wheeler Sales Nov 2020 – Splendor Beats Activa, Pulsar No 4

Hero Splendor Top 10
Hero Splendor

Top 10 two-wheeler wholesales for November 2020 in the green at 15 percent growth

Top order two-wheeler sales for November 2020 saw sales growth of 15 percent on the wholesale front. Total units sold is reported at 11,27,261 units, up from 9,78,634 units.

Weeks of inactivity seen at the turn of the current FY though not rectified yet, there’s been some positives in festive season sales this year. This has been attributed to a number of factors, including low base sales of 2019, and pent-up demand. The latter is evident with manufacturers having reported sales improvement.

Wholesales in November 2020

Living under Covid-19 pandemic limitations, and the constant grip it has on one’s life and livelihood has prompted many to consider safe personal commute options. It comes as no surprise that two-wheelers can be that safe mode of transport.

In keeping with expectations, Hero Splendor continues to be the to-selling motorcycle for last month. Sales grew 11.25 percent, up at 2,48,398 units from 2,23,289 units. Among the 10 top-selling list, Splendor claims 22.04 percent market share at volume gain of 25,109 units.

Top 10 Two Wheeler Wholesales Nov 2020
Top 10 Two Wheeler Wholesales Nov 2020

Honda Activa sales are a close second at 20.03 percent share in the list. Sales trailed barely at 2,25,822 units at 6.44 percent gain, up from 2,12,164 units at volume gain of 13,658 units. Hero HF Deluxe sales grew 12.46 percent at 15.92 percent share. Units sales is reported at 1,79,426 units, up 19,882 units from 1,59,544 units.

Bajaj Pulsar series sales crossed a lakh units at 1,04,904 units at 53.66 percent growth. Volume gain stands at 36,636 units, up from 68,268 units for a share at just under 10 percent. Honda CB Shine continues to be the manufacturer’s bestselling motorcycle. Sales grew 25.64 percent, up at 94,413 units from 75,144 units. Volume grew at 19,269 units for a share of 8.38 percent.

NoTop 10 Two WheelersNov-20Nov-19
1Hero Splendor (+11%)2,48,3982,23,289
2Honda Activa (+6%)2,25,8222,12,164
3Hero HF Deluxe (+12%)1,79,4261,59,544
4Bajaj Pulsar (+54%)1,04,90468,268
5Honda CB Shine (+26%)94,41375,144
6TVS XL (+23%)70,75057,550
7TVS Jupiter (+53%)62,62641,007
8Hero Passion (+36%)53,76839,525
9Suzuki Access (-7%)45,58249,128
10Bajaj Platina (-22%)41,57253,015
Total (+15%)11,27,2619,78,634

2020 December deals and offers

TVS XL continues its successful ride as the sole moped sold here. Sales growth of 22.94 percent saw volume grow at 70,750 units, up from 57,550 units. That’s 13,200 units more sold last month when compared to a year earlier. TVS Jupiter sales growth has been even better at volume gain of 21,619 units. Sales grew 52.72 percent, up at 62,626 units from 41,007 units. Hero Passion sales crossed 50k units at 53,768 units. Sales growth is reported at 36.04 percent, up from 39,525 units. Volume improved by 14,243 units.

While 8 of 10 to-sellers reported gain, the next two entrants reported decline. Suzuki Access scooter sales fell by 7.22 percent. Sales is down to 45,582 percent from 49,128 units at volume loss of 3,546 units. Bajaj Platina sales decline is reported at 21.58 percent. Sales fell to 41,572 units, down from 53,015 at volume contraction of 11,443 units.

As 2021 approaches, MY21 vehicles will be a tad bit pricier. For the fortnight that counts down to the new year, manufacturers have curated a range of December deals. Taking advantage of price benefits depend on stock availability at individual dealerships.

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