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Top 10 Two Wheelers Dec 2021 – Splendor, Activa, Pulsar, Jupiter

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Top 10 two wheeler sales in December 2021 reported at cumulative decline; 4 two-wheelers reported at growth

Cumulative sales for the top 10 two wheelers sold in December 2021 are reported at 7,29,938 units. Sales decline is reported at 7.52 percent, down from 7,89,256 units. Total volume loss is pegged at just below 60k units.

Top 10 Two Wheelers Dec 2021 – Splendor Leads

Hero Splendor sales continue to rule the market with sales last month reported at 2,26,759 units. Sales growth stood at 16.33 percent, up from 1,94,930 units. Volume gain is just shy of 322k units. Of the top order, Splendor market share is phenomenal at 31.07 percent.

Honda Activa, the nation’s best selling scooter, held onto second spot despite 22.12 percent sales decline. Sales fell to 1,04,417 units, down from 1,34,077 units. Volume decline is reported at 29,660 units. Market share for the scooter stood at 14.30 percent among the top 10.

Hero HF Deluxe sales decline was steep at 41.15 percent. Sales fell to 83,080 units, down from 1,41,168 units. Volume loss was at a staggering 58k units. In fact, a year earlier, HF Deluxe sales had outdone that of Activa. This was rare as Honda Activa has a stronghold on second position of the top order. However, Deluxe’ sales decline has put the motorcycle back in 3rd place.

Top 10 Two Wheelers Dec 2021
Top 10 Two Wheelers Dec 2021

Honda CB Shine sales growth is reported at 21.53 percent. Sales is up at 68k units, up from 56k units. Volume gain stood at 12k units. Bajaj Pulsar sales dipped to just below 65k units at a sales decline of 13.86 percent. Sales fell from 75,421 units. Volume loss stood at 10,455 units.

Bottom 5 In Top 10

Bajaj Platina sales growth is reported at 45.74 percent. Sales are up at 44.8k units, up from 30,740 units. Volume gain stood at just over 14k units. TVS Jupiter sales were flat at 38,142 units. Sales fell from 38,435 units. Volume loss is reported at under 300 units.

Royal Enfield Classic 350, the company’s bestseller saw sales dip to 34,723 units. Sales fell from 39,321 units. Volume loss is reported at 4.6k units at a decline of 11.69 percent. Market share among the top sellers was below 5percent for Classic 350.

Top 10 2WheelersDec-21Dec-20Growth % YoY
1. Hero Splendor2,26,7591,94,93016.33
2. Honda Activa1,04,4171,34,077-22.12
3. Hero HF Deluxe83,0801,41,168-41.15
4. Honda CB Shine68,06156,00321.53
5. Bajaj Pulsar64,96675,421-13.86
6. Bajaj Platina44,80030,74045.74
7. TVS Jupiter38,14238,435-0.76
8. Royal Enfield Classic 35034,72339,321-11.69
9. TVS XL 10033,39559,923-44.27
10. Hero Glamour31,59519,23864.23

TVS XL 100 sales decline is the steepest in the top 10 two wheelers. Sales decline is reported at 44.27 percent, down at 33,395 units. Sales fell from 59,923 units. Volume loss stood at 26,528 units. The unit is one without much direct competition. Being a moped means there’s not much to choose from for customers. And its USP has for long ensured that the XL 100 has been TVS’ topseller. However, that order was disrupted last month.

Hero Glamour sales growth was the highest in the top order list. YoY base sales was low at 19,238 units. In December 2021, this number rose to 31,595 units. Volume gain stood at 12,357 units at volume gain of 64.23 percent. Suzuki and Yamaha failed to leave a mark last month.

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