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Top 10 Two Wheelers Jan 2023 – Splendor, Activa, Pulsar, Jupiter, Apache

With a massive sales figure, Splendor aced the top 10 two wheelers list for Jan 2023, with Activa trailing behind with half the sales

Top 10 Two Wheelers - TVS Apache Jan 2023
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Being one of the biggest markets for two wheelers, India sold a considerably large number in Jan 2023. Within the top 10 two wheelers, we saw 8,31,219 units sold last month as opposed to 8,03,247 units sold a year ago. This resulted in a 3.48% YoY growth with volume growth of 27,972 units YoY.

With 2,61,833 units sold, Hero Splendor bagged the title of being the highest-selling 2W of India. When compared to 2,08,263 Splendors sold a year ago, 25.72% YoY growth was achieved with 53,570 units gained in volume YoY. Out of this list, Splendor alone holds a 31.50% market share.

Top 10 Two Wheelers Sales Jan 2023

Activa came 2nd with 1,30,001 units. This is almost half of what Hero Splendor managed. That is a 9.24% YoY decline. A pattern which resonated with 3rd highest-seller CB Shine from Honda. With 99,878 units sold, Shine couldn’t beat the 1,05,159 units sold a year ago. Hence the 5.02% YoY decline. The market share of Activa and CB Shine was 15.64% and 12.02% respectively.

In 4th place, we have the Bajaj Pulsar series. Bajaj sold 84,279 Pulsars last month and easily surpassed 66,839 Pulsars sold a year ago. YoY growth was 26.09% with 17,440 Pulsars gained in volume YoY and 10.14% market share. With Pulsar 220F launch soon, this number should go higher in coming months.

Top 10 Two Wheeler Sales Jan 2023
Top 10 Two Wheeler Sales Jan 2023

In 5th place, we have the Jupiter scooter from TVS with 54,484 units. YoY growth stood at 25.32% as opposed to 43,476 units sold in January 2022 with 11,008 units gained in volume. Hero HF Deluxe took 6th place with 47,840 units sold last month. The popularity of Splendor might have overshadowed HF Deluxe as sales declined by 44.32% YoY and lost 38,086 units in volume.

Being the highest-selling Suzuki product in India, Access managed to sell 45,497 units. This was enough to beat 42,148 units sold in 2022 and register 7.95% YoY growth and 5.47% market share. Volume gain stood at 3,3,49 units.

XL 100 Sold 36,723 Units

Bajaj’s second entrant into the top 10 two wheelers list is Platina commuter motorcycle. Bajaj managed to sell 41,873 of these last month. Despite that, there was a 9.94% YoY decline as opposed to 46,492 Platinas sold in 2021. Volume lost was 4,619 units.

Top 10 Two Wheelers SalesJan-23Jan-22
1. Hero Splendor (+26%)2,61,8332,08,263
2. Honda Activa (-9%)1,30,0011,43,234
3. Honda CB Shine (-5%)99,8781,05,159
4. Bajaj Pulsar (+26 %)84,27966,839
5. TVS Jupiter (+25%)54,48443,476
6. HF Deluxe (-44%)47,84085,926
7. Suzuki Access (+8%)45,49742,148
8. Bajaj Platina (-10%)41,87346,492
9. TVS XL 100 (+3%)36,72335,785
10. TVS Apache (+11%)28,81125,925

If Splendor is the highest-selling motorcycle and Activa is the highest-selling scooter, XL 100 is the highest-selling moped in the country. With 36,723 units sold, XL 100 registered a mere 2.62% YoY growth and managed to gain 938 units in volume YoY.

In 10th place, we have the TVS Apache series, which is Bajaj Pulsar’s arch-rival. Yamaha’s FZ lineup didn’t manage to make it to the top 10 list. Apache sales stood at 28,811 units, which translated to a healthy 11.13% YoY growth and 2,886 units gained in volume. Apache has a 3.47% market share among this list.

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