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Top 10 Two Wheelers Jul 2021 – Splendor, Activa, Platina, Jupiter

New Hero Splendor Colour
New Hero Splendor Colour. Image – RGB Bikes

Top 10 two-wheeler cumulative wholesales posted at 8.21 percent growth for July 2021

Two wheeler sales in India is always an exciting space to watch considering the sheer volume of vehicles sold each month. Despite market disruptions owing to covid-19, two wheeler wholesales are being reported at decent volumes.

The larger picture in 2 Wheeler market size is measured in terms of value (crore) and units sold (lakh). On a year-on-year basis, both the segments have been making breakthroughs to strive for an increase in total value and volume.

Hero continues to dominate the 2 wheeler segment with majority market share and is followed by Honda Motorcycles & Scooters India. It’s difficult to disrupt this order as both manufacturers have a high volume product in a segment where they don’t compete with each other. This allows for new highs where growth and sales is considered.

In fact both manufacturers have two products each that help build sales volume to gargantuan levels at over a lakh units each at the very minimum. In simple words, any one of these two-wheelers sells in more numbers than what other manufacturers are able to sell in total in each month.

Top 10 Motorcycles Jul 2021
Top 10 Motorcycles Jul 2021

Top 4 two wheelers sold

Of the top 10 two wheelers sold, in July 2021, Hero Splendor sales is reported at just over 2.5 lakh units at 17.52 percent growth. Volume growth stood at 37,381, up from 2,13,413 units at market share of 27.31 percent. Honda Activa scooter sales grew to 1,62,956 units at 37.10 percent growth. Volume growth stood at just above 44k units.

Honda CB Shine sales grew to 1,16,128 units, up from 88,969 units at volume growth of 27,159 units. Of the top order, Hero HF Deluxe sales fell to 1,06,304 units, down from over 1.5 lakh units at volume loss of 47,838 units at 31.04 percent decline. While the numbers are out there to gauge, the comparison isn’t fully insightful keeping in mind disruptive market conditions for the comparable periods.

Top 10 two-wheeler sales for July 2021

For the Bajaj Pulsar range, sales fell to just over 65k units, down from 73,836 units at volume loss of 8,742 units at 11.84 percent decline. Bajaj Platina sales growth was fairly positive at 55.56 percent. Sales rose to 54,606 units, up from 35,103 units at volume gain of 19,503 units.

NoTop 10 2WheelersJul-21Jul-20%
1Hero Splendor2,50,7942,13,41317.52
2Honda Activa1,62,9561,18,85937.10
3Honda CB Shine1,16,12888,96930.53
4Hero HF Deluxe1,06,3041,54,142-31.04
5Bajaj Pulsar65,09473,836-11.84
6Bajaj Platina54,60635,10355.56
7TVS XL10049,27958,403-15.62
8Suzuki Access46,98523,171102.78
9TVS Jupiter38,20948,995-22.01
10Bajaj CT10027,96233,774-17.21

The only moped putting on a show, TVS XL100 continues its showing in the top 10. Wholesales however fell by over 15 percent, down to just below 50k units from 58,403 units. Volume loss is reported at 9,124 units.

Suzuki Access scooter wholesales doubled at 46,985 units, up from just over 23k units. TVS Jupiter sales fell by 22 percent, down to 38,209 units from 48,995 units. Bajaj CT100 sales fell to 27,962 units from 33,774 units. Wholesales fell by 5,812 units at 17.21 percent decline. In total, top 10 two-wheelers’ cumulative wholesales stood at 9,18,317 units at 8.21 percent sales growth. Volume growth stood at just below 70k units, up from 8,48,665 units.

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