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Top 10 Two Wheelers July 2020 – Hero Splendor Beats Honda Activa

Honda Activa was No 1 in July 2019 – but in July 2020, it has slipped to the No 3 position of best selling two wheelers in India

For July 2020, Hero MotoCorp cemented not just top spot, but also second spot. As always, the bestselling Hero Splendor stays on the top of the table with 2,13,413 units sold. That’s a gain of 19.29 percent, up from 1,78,907 units at volume gain of 34,506 units. Hero HF Deluxe climbed up at 1,54,142 units. Sales decline is reported at 9.13 recent, down from 1,69,632 units at 15,490 units volume loss.

Top 10 two-wheeler sales for July 2020 sees a massive change for Honda Activa sales. While Activa continues to triumph as the top selling scooter, volume loss is significant at 1,24,745. sales fell 51.21 percent down to 1,18,859 units, down from 2,43,604 units sold in July 2019. With this, Activa loses its stronghold of second position on the table and slipped to third spot for the month. As manufacturers scramble towards uninterrupted sales, Activa sales decline far exceeds market contraction in July 2020.

Honda CB Shine continues to sits fourth on the table at 88,969 units sold. Decline is exported at 5.91 percent, down from 94,559 units at volume loss of 5,590 units. Bajaj Pulsar sales are up 18.2 percent at 5th spot. Sales is up at 73,836 units, up from 62,469 units sold year earlier at volume gain of 11,367 units. Performance in July 2020 helped it gain a spot on the table.

Top 10 Two Wheeler Sales July 2020
Top 10 Two Wheeler Sales July 2020

TVS XL Super, the only moped in the line-up did gain a few spots on the table and is currently sat in sixth spot following 14.09 percent sales growth. Sales grew to 58,403 units, up from 51,192 units at volume gin of 7,211 units. Hero Glamour sits at 7th spot at 51,225 units at 28.01 percent sales decline. Sales fell from 71,160 units at volume loss of 19,935 units.

TVS Jupiter, the only other two-wheeler which is not a motorcycle on the table, saw sales fall 15.13 percent. Sales is down to 48,995 units from 57,731 units after volume decline of 8,736 units. TVS Jupiter scooter sales exceed the brand’s Apache line-up’s cumulative sales.

Hero Passion reports some gain at 2.16 percents. Sales grew to 44,377 units, up from 43,439 units having gained 938 units in volume. Honda Dio sales has been more or less similar at volume loss of 389 units. Sales decline is reported at 1.03 percent, at 37,233 units, down from 37,622 units sold in July 2019.

Cumulative saes of top 10 two-wheelers in July 2020 all to 8,89,452 units. Sales decline is reported in double digit at 11.96 percent, down from 10,10,315 units. Total volume loss at the top of the table is pegged at 1,20,863 units. Demand for two-wheelers sees more takers for motorcycles than scooters.

NoTwo WheelerJul-20Jul-19Diff%
1Hero Splendor2,13,4131,78,90734,50619.29
2Hero HF Deluxe1,54,1421,69,632-15,490-9.13
3Honda Activa1,18,8592,43,604-1,24,745-51.21
4Honda CB Shine88,96994,559-5,590-5.91
5Bajaj Pulsar73,83662,46911,36718.20
6TVS XL Super58,40351,1927,21114.09
7Hero Glamour51,22571,160-19,935-28.01
8TVS Jupiter48,99557,731-8,736-15.13
9Hero Passion44,37743,4399382.16
10Honda Dio37,23337,622-389-1.03
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