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Top 10 Two Wheelers Sales FY 2020 – Hero Splendor Beats Honda Activa

For the Financial Year 2019-2020, it is Hero Splendor who has emerged as India’s best selling Two Wheeler

The Indian two wheeler industry was already dealing with sales slowdown and BSVI transition when the effects of Covid 19 pandemic wiped out all measures in its path. With the world order now prioritising human life over all else, manufacturing activity at automobile factories were soon down to nought. In being able to contribute meaningfully at such a tumultuous hour, manufacturers have turned their expertise to being able to provide PPE and misc health equipment.

If and when manufacturing were to return to normal, things would still look quite different considering impact on current economy, and its results in the long run. At the end of FY20, Hero Splendor continues to take top spot with 26,32,800 units sold. Sales have obviously declined. Down 12.40 percent fro, 3,72,818 units.

Honda Activa, as usual peaks high in a pool of top contending motorcycles and continues to be the lone top selling scooter to give motorcycles a run for their money. Sales at FY end stand at 25,91,059 units, down 13.87 percent from 30,08,334 units. Down 4,17,275 units.

HF Deluxe sales fell to 20,50,974 units at single digit decline of 5.43 units. Sales fell 1,17,766 units, down from 21,68,740 units. Honda CB Shine sales fell 4.23 percent as volume fell by 41,931 units. Sales is reported at 9,48,384 units, down from 9,90,315 units. Bajaj Pulsar series’ sales fell 7.29 percent. Volume reduction is reported at 67,333 units, down to 8,56,026 units, down from 9,23,359 units.

Top 10 Two Wheelers FY 2020

NoTwo WheelerFY 2020FY 2019Diff%
1Hero Splendor26,32,80030,05,618-3,72,818-12.40
2Honda Activa25,91,05930,08,334-4,17,275-13.87
3HF Deluxe20,50,97421,68,740-1,17,766-5.43
4Honda CB Shine9,48,3849,90,315-41,931-4.23
5Bajaj Pulsar8,56,0269,23,359-67,333-7.29
6TVS XL Super6,36,9408,80,227-2,43,287-27.64
7Hero Glamour6,02,6237,55,027-1,52,404-20.19
8TVS Jupiter5,95,5457,88,417-1,92,872-24.46
9Bajaj Platina5,78,2376,26,781-48,544-7.74
10Suzuki Access5,70,8985,39,12331,7755.89

TVS XL Super sales fell a whopping 27.64 percent, the highest percentage decline among the top selling two wheelers through FY20. Volume dwindled by 2,43,287 units, down to 6,36,940 units, down from 8,80,227 units.

Hero Glamour sales fell by 20.19 percent. Sales fell 1,52,404 units, down to 6,02,623 units, down from 7,55,027 units. TVS Jupiter sales decline too is steep at 24.46 percent. Sales fell to 5,95,545 units, down 1,92,872 units from 7,88,417 units.

Bajaj Platina sales fell by a single digit at 7.74 percent. Volume contracted by 48,544 units, down to 5,78,237 units from 6,26,781 units. Only Suzuki Access managed to post sales growth in the top order. Sales growth is reported at 5.89 percent, up 31,775 units to 5,70,898 units, up from, 5,39,123 units.

Current circumstances and its growing popularity could help Suzuki Access accede the order. In all, the FY ended saw the top 10 sellers collectively post 11.85 percent sales decline. Sales fell by 16,22,455 units. Sales volume is down to 1,20,63,486 units, down from 1,36,85,941 units.

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