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Top 20 Cars Having Potential Lifespan Of 3.7 L Km To 4.77 L Km

With 10 cars out of the 20 on this list, Toyota scores well when longevity and durability are concerned

Toyota Land Cruiser
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If there was a zombie apocalypse and I had to choose one car to survive, there is a very high probability that I would choose a Toyota. The Japanese brand is a known name when it comes to reliability and durability. With over-engineered mechanicals, Toyota cars often come off as tougher and more robust than its rivals.

With soaring car prices, owners are gravitating towards holding on to their cars for a longer time. That longer time is less of a hassle if the car was fuss-free. A study conducted by iSeeCars analysed over 20 lakh cars in the past 10 years for longevity. Ranks are assigned for highest-mileage cars.

Toyota Scores Well In Longevity Study

When a list of top 20 cars was charted for US-spec cars, pickup trucks and trucks, it was not surprising to see Toyota taking top spots. Out of the 20, 10 were from Toyota and others were Honda, Chevrolet, GMC, Ford and even Nissan. Let’s take a look.

Based on an average reading, iSeeCars has come up with a potential lifespan for each of these vehicles. Topping the list is Toyota Sequoia with 4,77,184 km of potential lifespan and Land Cruiser with 4,50,996 km in 1st and 2nd spots respectively. Land Cruiser is likely to launch in India soon.

Cars having the highest lifespan potential - Study by iseecars (In Miles)
Cars having the highest lifespan potential – Study by iseecars (In Miles)

3rd place is occupied by Chevy Suburban full-size SUV with a potential lifespan of 4,27,654 km. At 4th spot, we have a Toyota again which is a Tundra Pickup truck with 4,12,027 km of potential lifespan. GMC Yukon XL might be termed as a rebranded Chevy Suburban. That said, Yukon XL is rated good for up to 4,06,134 km.

Toyota Prius takes 6th spot and is good enough for 4,03,303 km. Note that this is the first “car” on this list while others are big SUVs and pickup trucks. Considering that Ford F Series pickup truck is America’s highest-selling “car” of any sort, these are normal daily drivers for Americans.

Chevy Tahoe, Honda Ridgeline and Toyota Avalon take 7th, 8th and 9th spots respectively with a potential lifespan of 4,02,879 km, 4,00,193 km and 3,95,431 km respectively. Toyota Highlander Hybrid, Ford Expedition and Toyota 4Runner take 10th, 11th and 12th spots which are deemed worthy for 3,94,279 km, 3,93,777 km and 3,93,750 km respectively.

Camry Takes 20th Spot

Toyota Sienna, GMC Yukon, Honda Pilot, Honda Odyssey, Toyota Tacoma, Nissan Titan, Ford F-150 and lastly, Toyota Camry Hybrid make it onto this list conducted by iSeeCars. At last place, Camry Hybrid has a life potential of 3,71,029 km. Toyota Camry, Avalon and Prius are the only sedans on this list, while Toyota Sienna and Honda Odyssey are the only MPVs.

The top performers on this list are usually pickup trucks and SUVs. Due to their size, they are generally considered safer and also expected to come equipped with beefy components. With 10 vehicles of the 20 on this list, Toyota scores well in this study and has a lot of muscle to flex when it comes to longevity. Out of all these 20 vehicles, Toyota Camry at 20th place is the only one currently sold in India. Land Cruiser at 2nd spot will be launched in India soon.


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