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Best selling Top 30 SUVs Oct 2019 – Kia Seltos No 1, Tata Harrier No 15

Kia Seltos no 1 SUV sold in India

With the definition of SUVs being edited on a regular basis, the market now has plenty of them. And in an unprecedented move, the newly launched Kia Seltos has glided to the pinnacle of the bestselling SUVs in October 2019. Launched at the end of August, it’s climbed atop only in its second month of full sales. That’s a sizeable chunk of total volume of 70,354 units sold in the total UV segment.

Maruti Brezza takes second spot with 10,227 units at 35.40 percent decline down from 15,832 units sold in October 2018. Hyundai Venue, another fairly new name in the market accounted for 8,576 units sold. Hyundai Creta sales though dropped significantly at 37.88 percent. Sales is down to 7,269 units, down from 11,702 units sold a year earlier.

Mahindra has two vehicles in the top 10. Bolero, the manufacturer’s highest seller saw volumes contract by 18.53 percent. Sales are down to 5,884 units from 7,222 units sold in October 2018. Scorpio sales stood at 6th spot with 4,628 units sold, down a miniscule .54 percent from 4,628 units sold a year earlier.

SUV sales Oct 2019
2019 Oct sales via Auto Punditz.

Tata Nexon and Ford EcoSport sales follow closely. MG Hector, also a newcomer on the list reported sales of 3,536 units. MoM sales growth is reported at 35.58 percent up from 2,608 units sold in September. Mahindra XUV300, yet another vehicle that’s been in the market for only a couple of months, saw buoyancy in sales at 3,045 units. MoM sales were up 22.19 percent up from 2,492 units sold in September.

The next 6 vehicles in the list sold just over a 1000 units each, cumulatively accounting for about 8k units in volume. 4 of these sold 1,300+ units each. Mahindra XUV500 sales decline is reported at 36.09 percent, down to 1,378 units from 2,156 units sold in October 2018. Honda WRV sales dropped a mammoth 57.98 percent down at 1,367 units from 3,253 units sold in October 2018. Maruti S-Cross sales is similarly poor at 59.12 percent sales decline, down to 1,356 units from 3,317 units sold a year earlier.

Toyota Fortuner sales is reported at 1,302 units, down 29.32 percent from 1,842 units sold 12 months earlier. Tata Harrier, also fairly new on the list having not been on sales for a full year yet saw 1,258 units sold. Mahindra TUV300 followed closely at 1,246 units sold, down 41.03 percent from 2,113 units sold in October 2018.

Jeep Compass sales fell below a 1,000 units at 854 units. Sales decline stands at 25.74 percent, down from 1,150 units. Ford Endeavour sales grew 23.89 percent at 700 units sold. Renault Duster sales is reported at 622 units, down 17.07 percent. Nissan Kicks too hasn’t been in the market for a year but sales have already contracted to 313 units when compared to early performance soon after launch.

Tata Hexa sales have dwindled to 229 units at 69.26 percent decline. Renault Captur sales remained flat 222 units. Mahindra Thar sales have fallen dramatically, down 74.32 percent at 180 units, down from 701 units sold in October 2018. It’s the same story with Tata Safari. Sales fell to 165 units, down 74.30 percent from 642 units. Skoda Kodiaq sales have held steady at 180 units, 10 units lower than the 190 units sold a year earlier.

Volkswagen Tiguan sales are steady at 16.54 percent growth at 155 units sold. Honda CRV lost a third in volume at 152 units sold. Mahindra Alturas is yet to complete a full 12-months of sales, and accounts for 101 units. Hyundai Tucson sales is stable at 83 units, down from 90 units sold in Oct ’18. A single unit of Nissan Terrano was sold.

All in all, it was a good month for SUVs. Total sales increased to over 70k units, growing 22% YoY and 15% MoM. Will the momentum continue in the remaining month of the year?

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