Top Gear viewership dips to all time low since Clarkson’s revival in 2002

The fourth episode of the new Top Gear which aired last Sunday registered a live viewership of 2.3 million which is below the lowest ever registered by the show after its revival in 2002 by Jeremy Clarkson.

The plummeting viewership comes as a serious blow to the new TG crew which comprises Chris Evans, Chris Harris, Matt LeBlanc, Eddie Jordon, Sabine Schmitz and Rory Reid.

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The show started with 4.4 million viewers for episode 1 but garnered only 2.3 million viewers for episode 4.

Their much hyped new season kickstarted with 4.4 million live viewers for the first episode but the subsequent episodes witnessed a sharp decline. The four episode’s overall viewership is expected to rise further due to catch up views next week, but it’s plainly apparent that the viewership is simply no match to the previous TG which was presented by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May.

According to stats from, the audience appreciation index (AI) collected by BBC for the new Top gear is not impressive. The first episode scored 60/100 in the AI which is considered poor. The 2nd and 3rd episodes managed scores of 68 and 69 respectively. The average score for a BBC Two show in 82.

The report also says that the shouty presentation style of Chris Evans is not well received. Chris Harris and the unknown new presenter Rory Reid are liked better by the viewers.

New Top Gear Series (Season 23) trailer
The audience appreciation index is far below the average for BBW Two shows.

Meanwhile, the new Amazon Prime show by the original Top Gear trio, titled The Grand Tour, is gearing up to kick off in this autumn.


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