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Top speed limit may be increased to 100 kmph on Indian highways

Top speed limit to be revised to 100 kmph

Large scale advancement in road and highway development over the past decade has pushed the government of India to revise maximum speed limits of vehicles plying along the national highways. Government of India has been pondering over this issue for over two decades while this issue was raised in 2006-07 when a special committee was initiated to weigh the pros and cons of revising speed limits to 100 kmph.

Top speed limit to be revised to 100 kmph

80 kmph speed limit on highways in India

While a uniform speed limit for all vehicles along the highway was not feasible, setting variable speed limits for different vehicles has been proposed. The new proposal allows cars to travel at a speed limit of 100 kmph while that for motorcycles, which were earlier banned to go beyond 50 kmph on national highways, can now cruise at 80 kmph if the new rules come into effect.

The committee is also trying to set maximum speed limits to vehicles according to type and seating capacities. According to this arrangement, vehicles with seating capacity of 8 passengers will be allowed to travel at an upper limit of 80 kmph while those with seating capacity of less than 8 persons can go upto 100 kmph. Speed limits for quadricycles, a new category of vehicles that are slowly but surely making an entry into India, have been set for a speed limit of 70 kmph.

This revision of speed limits comes at a time when there has been a notable improvement in the condition of Indian roads. However, this revision has been strongly refuted by critics who opine that though conditions have improved, the number of accidents have also shown an upward trend. Final notifications to local police from state governments on this issue will be coming in shortly.

via Times of India


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