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Top speed of a train crosses 600 kmph for the first time (Video)

In a test run near Mount Fuji, Japan’s state of the art maglev train smashed past the 600 kmph mark when the seven coach train hit a top speed of 603 kmph.

 The fastest train in the world – Photo : Kyodo

The test run during which top speed of a train registered a new mark, was carried out at the Maglev Test Line in Tsuru, 80 kilometers west of Tokyo on Tuesday, April 21, 2015. In achieving this new record, the train broke its own earlier record of 581 kmph.

Testing of maglev trains is conducted under a project by Japan Airlines and the National Railways. Supported by the Government of Japan. The result you see today, is because of extensive testing which spans over decades. As the results are successful, work towards commencement of a new Tokyo – Osaka link has begun. Expected to be completed by 2020, it will be built at an expenditure of 9 trillion yen ($76 billion or Rs 4.74 lakh crores).

Once this train is commissioned travel time between Tokyo and Osaka will take just over an hour, which by bullet train takes upto three hours. Distance between Osaka and Tokyo is a little over 500 kms. (Travel time is little over an hour because the government will run this train at 500 kmph)

 Here’s how a maglev train works

In India, the fastest train as on date is Mumbai-Delhi Rajdhani Express which covers a distance of 1,385kms in 16 hours at a speed of 90 kmph. The Japanese maglev train on this similar route will complete the journey in 2 hours. As on date China operates the world’s fastest maglev train with the Shanghai maglev which has a top speed of 431 kmph.

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