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Tork Motorcycles share details – T6X electric launch, price, FAME benefit, etc

It was back in Aug 2016, that India’s first ever electric motorcycle, Tork T6X was unveiled to the world. Not only that, launch price was announced, bookings too were being accepted. The bike garnered huge traction, there was a lot of buzz. But suddenly all went silent. There has been no major update, until now.

A couple of hours ago, Tork Motorcycles shared a post on the Facebook page, which basically said that they are testing the T6X, and it has been spotted testing on road. This was an update, but it was not the update fans were waiting for.

For this update, some eager fans who have had been waiting for the motorcycle for years now, started trolling Tork. Here are some of the comments posted on the shared link;

“Keep testing I have waited enough from 2016 and bought hornet”
“ha ha… you had to share the news about spy shots of your own product? this must be a first..”
“I have been waiting for this bike since 2016 but it is very sad that you guys don’t even share a tentative date or rough idea about launch… dont think your testing will end in next 50 years”

Apart from these, there were some comments in support of Tork Motorcycles, and fans were willing to wait even longer. To one of the angry comment, Tork had shared an interesting reply – “we appreciate your support. Hope you have read our blog?” (excerpt of which can is below);

Q – Where is the bike? When is the launch? Why are you fooling us? Will you please reply? Are you even listening??

A – Yes, we are listening and we always have been listening. The past year, we‘ve been bombarded with so many such questions, remarks and even a few curses. We understand that the wait has been long and frustrating. But what we’d like fo you to understand is that we are dealing with a science that has never before been dealt with. Analyzing, testing and constantly evolving a technique to ensure the highest quality and your utmost safety – that is our priority. That’s why we request you to be patient for a bit longer and bear with us until we are fully ready to unleash this phenomenon on the roads.

When can we expect the bike to go into production and delivery? When is the launch date?

At the moment, we aren’t commenting anything about launch / test ride / booking / delivery. Right now we are working on T6X to make it ready for production and sale. It’s a very long and complex process. We have to undergo many tests to ensure safety and quality. Hence, we request you to be patient till we become ready for release.

What is the reason for the delay in launching the product?

We haven’t announced any official launch date. Hence, technically, there is no delay.

Can we visit this organization?

Yes you can but unfortunately not now. We work from R&D centre where entry is restricted to maintain confidentiality. We will be happy to show you around at a future date.

When will we be updated on the bike that we pre-ordered on the website?

Once you have registered your interest for T6X on our website, you will be definitely updated about any meaningful developments that we release. Since we are working on T6X to make it ready for production and sale, there are not much significant updates at the moment to share. Also keep looking at company website, Facebook page, Instagram page, Youtube channel and LinkedIn page for updates.

Where all do you have or plan to have showrooms / dealers?

We will soon open experience stores pan India.

What is the process to pre-order the bike?

If you like T6X and want to keep yourself updated about the progress, please visit our website www.torkmotors.com and register your interest today. By registering your interest online you enter ‘Tork Motorcycles Privilege Community’. This community will be kept updated about any Tork Motorcycles events, test rides, availability, bookings, pricing and delivery of T6X.

Is there a gear system in T6X model bike?

T6X has no clutch and no gears.

Considering that you have participated and won in international races, what else do you test that is taking you so long?

Building a machine for races is different than building it for roads. Race machines can be good enough to last till the race. However, bikes to run on road should be durable. We are exactly working on it.

Is ‘Fame India Scheme’ applicable to these bikes?

Yes, the pricing will be final selling price + applicable taxes – subsidy of up-to INR 30,000. This will only last till the fame subsidy is in place and offered by government.

Can we add another battery for extra mileage in single charge?

Sorry, for T6X it will not be possible. However, for future models we can consider fitting another battery for extra mileage.

Can you make Sodium ion Battery or Sodium Metal battery with BMS?

Our technical teams are working day in day out to make our products better and better. If our teams find this chemistry suitable, we can use it.

When will the bike be launched internationally?

Though the product has an international appeal, we haven’t yet finalised our plans to launch it internationally.

How much will battery replacement cost ?

We are working on introducing batteries in T6X which will be good till the life of motorcycle. You need not replace the batteries in between.

Why are you guys not in Auto Expo 2018?

Since we were building the product in 2018, we decided not to participate in Auto Expo.

Are there any job opportunities available at Tork?

If you wish to apply for job, please send your updated CV / resume to careers@torkmotorcycles.com

How can I contact customer care at Tork?

For general enquiries you can write to – info@torkmotorcycles.com
For business enquiries, you can write to – business@torkmotorcycles.com

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