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Toronto floods leaves Ferrari, train submerged


Heavy rains that lashed Toronto earlier this week, has had a tragic effect on it’s citizens. Hundreds were stranded and thousands were left without electricity. Many cars were seen completely submerged, but the one caught the attention of social media was a $300,000 Ferrari California and a train.

toronto floods (3)Most probably, the owner of this submerged Ferrari had to ditch his car on the flooded Toronto underpass, as there was no other way out at that time. Apart from this, thunderstorms that occurred in Toronto on Monday lead to severe flooding and closure of subway system while over 1000 passengers were evacuated from the train while drivers got stuck in rising waters.

While a large number of car owners had to abandon their vehicles on flooded streets it was this noteworthy Ferrari that received the most attention, sympathy and scorn on Twitter where photos of this abandoned supercar were uploaded. Image gallery and videos on Page 2.


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