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Porsche Design Tower penthouse on 60th floor with parking space for 11 cars – Price Rs 220 crores

A pure masterpiece of architecture and engineering, the Porsche Design Tower in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida stands 641 feet tall with 60 stories. One of the tallest buildings in the region, this opulent structure, which was completed in January 2017, has a robotic parking garage with 284 parking spaces for 132 units.

Owners can park 2 or 4 cars right outside their unit with each unit priced from $ 4 million to $32.5 million. The tower has 3 elevators to take cars to their individual units.

Brooks of DragTimes was at the Porsche Design Tower in his new Ford GT to check out the building’s private penthouse. The accompanying video shows off how Brooks takes his Ford GT up 600 floors to the 56th floor check out the $32 million penthouse. Brook has just to sit in the car and the interactive car elevator does the rest.

The car elevator ride starts at a turntable on the ground floor with the car spinning around into position thereby allowing the automated car caddy to slide out, grab the car and position itself firmly beneath the tyres. From thereon, the car moves into a shuttle, is rotated backwards and wheels are locked. Watch the video below.

The Porsche GT can be seen moving up the many floors to the designated floor. On arrival, the elevator will have automatically calculated the angle at which the car will have to exit the elevator so as not to be in the line of any of the other parked cars.

On arrival at the 56th floor Brooks takes us around the penthouse spread over 20,000 sq ft. The luxury suits is still being decorated as per owner’s specifications while the bathroom is a sheer wonder with automated toilet and shower all offering a view of the ocean below.

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