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Toyota 3rd Shift Operations begin at TKM’s Bidadi Plant: Accelerating Production

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Toyota Kirloskar Motor: Three-Shift Operations at Bidadi Manufacturing Facility – Optimized Production and Increased Output

TKM has announced the start of three-shift operations at its manufacturing facility in Bidadi. This strategic move allows the company to optimize production and increase output significantly. Toyota 3rd shift operations ensure round-the-clock manufacturing, enabling a seamless workflow and faster delivery of vehicles to customers.

The implementation of three-shift operations is expected to yield impressive results. TKM anticipates a production output increase of over 30 percent compared to the previous 2 shift ops. This boost in productivity will not only help meet the growing demand for TKM’s vehicles but also contribute to the overall expansion of the automotive industry in the region.

Catering to Customers: TKM Adapts to Demand Surge with 3rd Shift Production

TKM has observed a substantial increase in demand for its existing product portfolio. With the aim of satisfying customer expectations and preferences, TKM is actively responding to this surge in demand. With an increase in production output, the company ensures a steady supply of vehicles to cater to demand. The enhanced production capacity enables the company to expedite the delivery process and reduce waiting times for customers.

TKM ensures that its product lineup resonates with the target market. This has yielded positive results. The entire product line-up has received a resounding response from customers. And Toyota 3rd shift Operations will help meet the needs of that growing customer base in a timely manner.

Toyota TKM Empowers Skilled Professionals: Training at TTTI for 3rd Shift Production

The implementation of three-shift operations at TKM manufacturing facility, Bidadi, brings about a significant increase in employment opportunities. With the expansion of production capacity, the company expects to generate approximately 25 percent more employment opportunities. This development not only benefits the local workforce but also contributes to the economic growth of the region.

To support the increased production and ensure a skilled workforce, TKM leverages the Toyota Technical Training Institute (TTTI). Located in the Bidadi plant, the TTTI provides technical education and training to aspiring individuals. The increased production capacity allows TKM to enhance its intake from the TTTI, fostering the development of skilled professionals who can contribute to the automotive industry.

Scaling Up Manufacturing and Meeting Rising Market Expectations

Sudeep Dalvi, SVP & Chief Communication Officer, Toyota Kirloskar Motor said “We are extremely thrilled to see the market responding very positively to our entire product line-up. As we remain optimistic about the market, our “customer first” philosophy will continue to manifest across all our business decisions – one of which is the start of the third shift operation which is a testimony to the overwhelming response received by our offerings thus enabling us to meet the delivery commitments to our customers.

Our Team Members are our biggest asset and we are happy that the third shift brings in new members into the Toyota family, we have ensured that all our team members feel safe and comfortable in the added shift through a series of welfare measures for overall well being. As we look forward, we remain steadfast in our mission to build ever better and greener cars, contributing to India’s vision of ‘Make in India’ and sustainable mobility. Together, we strive to deliver Mass Happiness to All”.

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