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Toyota Crown Royal and Crown Athlete sedan launched in Japan


Toyota Crown Royal and Crown Athlete sedan launched in Japan (2)Redesigned Crown Royal and Crown Athlete sedans have been launched by Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC). Both these models will be sold through Toyota dealers in Japan and will be launched with hybrid power. Crown originally debuted in 1955 and has been looked upon as a trustworthy and dependable vehicle.  As it enters Japanese luxury markets it will see a host of new innovations far exceeding expectations.

The new Crown will also include a new 2.5 liter hybrid system that combines high output while also offering enhanced fuel economy, better suspension and will be fitted with state of the art technology with all the conveniences and features of making it a vehicle in the true luxury class.

Toyota Multi Operation Touch, an easy to operate touch panel, driving and safety features including Adaptive High Beam Systems, Panoramic View Mirror, Pre Collision Systems and Intelligent Clearance Sonar are seen in the new Crown. The rear wheel drive system features a 2.5 liter 4 cylinder inline Atkinson cycle engine featuring D04S4 technology. This engine offers a high level of fuel economy while at the same time contributing to lower CO2 emissions.

Prices for Crown Royal series start at 3,530,000 yen ($40,983) till 5,360,000 ($62,225) for Hybrid Royal Saloon G. Crown Athlete starts at 3,570,000 ($41,438) till 5,430,000 ($63,028) for Hybrid Athlete G.


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