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Toyota engineers set goal to build better cars


Engineers at the Toyota Motor’s headquarters in Aichi Perfecture have one common aspiration in mind and that is to design better cars. 1500 engineers sitting together at the 12 storied structure, comprise of suppliers Denso and Aisin Seiki who are all congregating to achieve this common goal.

ToyotaToyota engineers will together work on more advanced engines and other key components and this new objective is part of the automakers efforts to overhaul core components, the first of its kind in over 16 years. Toyota New Global Architecture will stress on cost cutting measures and will take into account sharing of common parts across various models which will reduce costs significantly. These savings will in turn be channelized into new and improved styling and enhanced performance for cars.

The period 2000 to 2007 saw the company sales increase 60% from 5.15 million units to 8.43 million units. The company shunned revamping of platforms and instead concentrated more on releasing new products into the market. With this new aim in mind, Toyota is now ready to set off on a new project.

Toyota’s first initiative will be applied to the new Prius hybrid after which they will take on Corolla and Camry sedans. Sharing of common platforms for all cars, enhancement of hybrid vehicles and bringing in low priced offerings into emerging markets will be the company’s target. Via Nikkei


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