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Toyota & Ford contend over Worlds best selling car

toyota corolla is the best selling car in 2014

Toyota and Ford, both contend that they have got the world’s most popular car. The competition escalates with Ford revealing that they moved 1,097,618 units of Focus in 2013 while Toyota claims that 1,098,524 units of their Corolla were sold thus putting them in the lead by 906 units.

toyota corolla is the best selling car in 2014This is an ongoing battle between the two automakers with Toyota basing their data on individual vehicle sales reported from its distributors while Ford state that they sourced this data via analysis of Polk new vehicle registration data from IHS Automotive.

Toyota’s data takes into account not only the Corolla sedan but also the Corolla Axio, Corolla Altis and Corolla EX 4 door sedan besides the Corolla badged Fielder and Rumion 5 door wagons.

The slinging match and bickering between the two automakers continues and regardless of which of the duo are the world’s bestselling car, Ford Focus sales rose 40% in the US last year and was declared the bestselling car in China in 2012. Ford F Series is also the only truck in Polk’s top 10 ranking while Ford Fiesta is on its list of world’s bestselling subcompact automobiles.

Toyota Camry ranked fifth in overall worldwide sales last year while its sales in 2012 overshot Focus with a reported 359,241 versus 245,922 units.


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