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Toyota Fortuner gets armoured for INR 63 lakh – 2016 DefExpo

At the 2016 DefExpo, Toyota Fortuner armoured variant has been showcased by Minerva Special Purpose Vehicles (MSPV). The cost of converting your existing Fortuner into a bullet-proof, armoured vehicle is INR 63 lakh.

MSPV has used the basic structure of Fortuner and reinforced it with high-quality armour steel from the inside. Windshield and door windows are reinforced with bullet-proof high-quality glass while the car’s batteries, ECU, fuel tank, etc has been protected by high-quality ballistic steel.

Kerb weight of standard Fortuner stands at 1,880 kg. Kerb weight of the armoured Fortuner stands at 3,700 kg. It has a payload capacity of 900 kg, taking the Gross Vehicle Weight to 4,600 kg. In order to meet this heavy load, the suspensions have been stiffened while the tyres and alloys remain same as before. But, tyres are now fitted with run-flat tech.

The heavy doors are attached to the reinforced A-Pillar and B-Pillar via special hinges which are attached to the armoured cubicle itself.

Engine and transmission options remain unchanged. MSPV says that the same 3.0-litre diesel engine of Fortuner is good enough for the armoured variant. This engine is rated at 171 PS and 343 Nm via MT / 360 Nm via AT.

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