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Toyota Fortuner SUV modified to dance – Owner earns Rs 25k per performance

Kamal Kashmiri is a busy man, and has found work as an entertainer at weddings and rallies. His act – handling his heavily modded Toyota Fortuner SUV and in a way making it dance by making the vehicle jump on its front wheels endlessly. In time, videos of his road shows have found a following online, and today he’s sought after for his act.

He attributes his popularity to his car because of which folks recognise him. For his part, Kamal has left no stone unturned to ensure the dancing car is one to behold having spent extensively to make it stand out.

Image – Caters Clips / YouTube

The 32 year old resides in Delhi with his wife and child in the Shahadara area. The SUV has already absorbed an added expense of Rs 8 lakhs to include a winch crane, alloy wheels, imported tyres from Dubai, and an electric guitar among other additions.

Its sound system, which is essential for an enthralling beat to accompany the dancing car almost cost Rs 2 lakhs, and comprises of eight speakers and six amplifiers, five Rockford Woofers, and nine outer loudspeakers. It’s been worth every penny ‘cause Kamal now takes him about 25k for a performance. In a good month, he could have as many as 20 to 25 working days. Some people are fixing marriage date on the availability of his dancing car. Watch his story below, credit to Caters Clips.

A bespoke bumper adds to its road presence, and there’s also a light system. A winch crane is necessary for snow or moorlands. An extra jack has been added. And while drunken revelers do try to get close to the monster in action, Kamal has enlisted the help of a boy to keep the car and crowds safe during performances, and otherwise.

Kamal came upon the self created job opportunity quite by chance during a drive to Rajasthan from Delhi. Braking resulted in the car jumping, which bemused villagers nearby. He went on to practice car handling to ensure it danced without incident, and not by accident.

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