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Old Toyota Fortuner owner installs futuristic Tesla type touchscreen system in his SUV

Sure, Tesla is at the forefront of electric car technology, but the ingenuity of aftermarket components manufacturers and talented local mechanics can beat Tesla at its own game. A recent video shot by a car enthusiast clearly illustrates the point that getting a large touchscreen with new features is no rocket science. Your local mechanic can do install in just under 30 minutes. And yes, it is Made in China.

The video shows a Tesla-style touchscreen infotainment system being installed on Toyota Fortuner, which magically transforms the central console, making it look a lot stylish and sophisticated.

This Tesla-style touchscreen infotainment system is an aftermarket fitment that has been especially designed for Toyota Fortuner. It fits perfectly in Fortuner and does not appear to be out of place at all. It is possible that such aftermarket fitments may be available for other cars also.

Tesla-style touchscreen system for Toyota Fortuner is available in different versions, each with their unique styling and additional features. In the video, the most basic version is being installed. However, even the basic version does the job quite perfectly. It supports Apple Car Play and Android Auto and has AC and temperature controls as well. Just tap the screen to control the AC and individual air vents or use the ‘Auto’ mode for superior comfort.

Touchscreen is quite like a 10″ tablet, allowing you to easily manage its various features like Google navigation, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. Higher models of this Tesla-style touchscreen infotainment system are even more advanced, allowing you to view everything from RPM to mileage, outside temperature, oil level, and various other details about your car.

Touchscreen is highly responsive and there’s no drag when you tap or swipe the screen. Some apps come preinstalled and you can install your own favourite apps as well. Basic version of this Tesla-style touchscreen infotainment system costs around Rs 40,000. Certainly seems like a great choice for folks who want to jazz up the interiors of their cars with Tesla like futuristic and stylish systems.

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