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Toyota FT-AC Concept could be a future Hyundai Creta rival

Showcased at the 2017 LA Auto Show only in concept format, Toyota FT-AC is an outdoor inspired concept.
It is seen with off road specifications which include a wide, black front grille flanked by LED headlights, chunky tyres, wide fenders and high ground clearance.

It also gets a large safari-style cargo roof rack with LED lights on it, skid plates at the front and rear to protect the short front and rear overhangs. It boasts of an advanced all-wheel-drive system capable of torque vectoring, multiple terrain settings and differential lock ensuring traction off the asphalt.

There is also an integrated bike rack at the rear which augments its off-roading capabilities. The Toyota FT-AC is designed on a long wheelbase with wide tracks. It sits on 20” wheels fitted with all terrain tyres giving the vehicle a commanding look.

The crossover gets removable fog lamps which can then be affixed to the mountain bikes it carries. There is a set of infrared cameras on side mirrors which also can be removed and LED markets that act as flashes for the cameras. Photos taken via this camera can be uploaded to Toyota’s cloud through the car’s Wi-Fi hotspot allowing the user to upload camera footage while on the go. Drivers can also avail of FT-AC geolocation capabilities for easy directions back to base camp.

Though still in concept format, Toyota FT-AC is projected with a gasoline powered engine with a hybrid powertrain. The concept sports a color combination of Prospect Green with Fortress Gray accentuating its adventurous capabilities.

There is no indication as to when the Toyota FT-AC (Future Toyota Adventure Concept) will head into production. It is a global SUV, and could head to India once launched. Here it will rival the likes of Hyundai Creta.

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