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Toyota Hybrid Battery System: Power to cars, dealerships and plant


This winter has seen many people in the dark with power outages during the last few months. Toyota engineers are looking for ways to make a car, or parts of it, provide power during an emergency.

Toyota’s fuel cell vehicle will be on US roads in 2015. Efficiency is optimum with zero emissions, and a fully fueled vehicle can power a small house for a week in an emergency. Engineers are working to develop an external power supply device to connect the car to a house and keep the lights on.

Toyota Hybrid Battery SystemToyota hybrids, from Prius to Highlander to Camry, run on batteries. In Japan, Toyota has given new lease of life to old hybrid battery packs as stationary power storage systems. Being used since 2013, the units provide peak power to Toyota dealerships in Japan.

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Alabama (TMMAL) is now studying its used battery power system to help power operations and for back-up power during an emergency.


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