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Toyota HyRyder Prices Of All Variants Revealed – Official

Toyota Urban Cruiser HyRyder and Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara are based on the same platform and get similar powertrains

Toyota HyRyder Prices
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Toyota Urban Cruiser HyRyder was the first step Toyota took after a long time of selling rebadged Maruti Suzuki cars. It really was Hy time and Toyota delivered an actual Toyota. Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara is also based on the same platform and gets the same powertrains as well. But both companies have stuck to different top hats completely which is a good thing.

Both HyRyder and Grand Vitara are distinctly different. Both of these vehicles are manufactured by Toyota at its Bidadi plant. Toyota Hyryder prices were only partially announced till now. Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara prices were completely revealed 2 days ago. In effect, we get to see full prices for HyRyder as well. Both Grand Vitara and HyRyder are priced accordingly to other compact SUVs.

Toyota HyRyder Prices Announced

Both Toyota HyRyder prices and Grand Vitara prices are somewhat similar when compared variant-wise. For starters, Grand Vitara and HyRyder both get two different engine options. One is a mild-hybrid powertrain sourced by Maruti Suzuki which gets an AWD option and the other is a strong hybrid powertrain sourced by Toyota.

Grand Vitara gets a manual transmission option with four trims. These trims are coupled with a mild-hybrid powertrain in 2WD form namely Sigma, Delta, Zeta and Alpha. Toyota gets the same powertrain combo named Neo Drive with E, S, G and V grades. The same engine is offered with a 6-speed automatic transmission on Grand Vitara with Delta, Zeta and Alpha trims.

Toyota HyRyder Prices compared with Maruti Grand VItara
Toyota HyRyder Prices compared with Maruti Grand VItara

Toyota HyRyder trims like S, G and V also get this combo. However, AWD system that is sourced from Suzuki, is only offered with top-spec trims like V on HyRyder and Alpha on Grand Vitara and with manual transmission only. Toyota’s strong hybrid powertrain is offered with only Zeta and Alpha trims on Grand Vitara. This is where HyRyder trumps as it gets a hybrid powertrain with S, G and V grades.

Variant-Wise Pricing

Pricing logic is pretty straightforward. The mild hybrid powertrain and AWD systems are from Maruti and Suzuki hence variants with these components cost more on Toyota HyRyder. Whereas strong hybrid powertrain is Toyota’s proprietary tech and hence we can see Grand Vitara with strong hybrid cost more than HyRyder. To pull an ace, HyRyder also gets strong hybrid tech on a lower variant too.

Sigma MT cost Rs. 3,000 less than E grade MT, Delta MT cost Rs. 38,000 less than S grade MT, Zeta MT cost Rs. 45,000 less than G grade MT, while Alpha MT cost Rs. 50,000 lower than equivalent V grade MT. Same goes with AT variants with up to Rs. 20,000 difference in favour of Grand Vitara. Coming to AWD variants, Grand Vitara Alpha MT AWD cost Rs. 30,000 less than V MT AWD.

Coming to strong hybrid powertrain equipped variants, the table flips towards Toyota’s favour. Both G grade Hybrid and V grade Hybrid cost Rs. 50,000 less than equivalent Grand Vitara variants. Hurting the Grand Vitara, even more, is HyRyder’s cheapest hybrid variant, E Hybrid which cost Rs. 15.11 lakh while Grand Vitara’s cheapest hybrid, Zeta+ Hybrid costs Rs. 17.99 lakh. All prices are ex-sh.

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