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Toyota i-Road debut, road tests begin


Toyota has launched first public trials of i-Road, its ultra compact electric three wheeler. Designed as a personal mobility vehicle, this new compact i-Road measures just 7 feet in length, 5 feet in height and 2.8 feet in width and can speed upto 45 kmph.

The three wheeled wonder from Toyota has two front wheels for better cornering facility and twin electric motors. Consumer tests will run from 24th March to early June with 10 of these i-Road urban electric vehicles taking to the streets. Coming in bright candy colours and seating just one, 20 likely drivers will try out this compact i-Road with Toyota gauging how the electric vehicle drives, its ease of use, driver satisfaction and whether or not this compact electric vehicle affects destination options.

240314toy_fi-Road is based on a concept version of the model showcased at 2013 Tokyo Motor Show. Adjustments have been made where visibility and maneuvering are concerned while weight has been modified to a total of 300 kgs. Its two wheels in front and one at the rear arrangement allows for better manipulation while offering the convenience of a motorcycle and comfort and stability of a car.

Toyota’s i-Road has also been tested on public roads in Toyota, Aichi Prefecture since early March as part of the Toyota Harmonious Mobility Network ‘Ha:mo’ for short. i-Road is designed as a system to enhance urban transportation by combining private car with public transportation while with just 5 hp, a top speed of 45 kmph and a range of 50 km it is targeted at the urban transport market.


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