Toyota Innova Crysta’s all 7 airbags deploy, without much if’s and but’s

Back in 2014, owner of a Toyota Etios sedan had published photos of his car on Facebook. Withing a few days, the set of photos went viral, so much so that the photos made it to some of the leading newspapers in India.

The reason these photos went viral? It was a crashed Etios, whose front was badly damaged. But in spite of that, none of the car’s airbags had deployed. What added fuel to the fire, is dealer’s report stating that the owner did not crash the car properly, and hence the airbags did not deploy.

Toyota India airbags Etios
Toyota Etios airbags not deployed on accident
Toyota etios airbags
Toyota dealers says Etios airbags didn’t deploy because car didn’t collide properly
Toyota Etios crash
Toyota Etios airbags fails to deploy in accident

Fast forward to 2016. Toyota India has launched the new generation Innova Crysta. Recently, a five day old Innova Crysta from Bangalore met with an accident on B.C.Road-Dharmastala Road. A sleepy driver from the opposite side banged into the Innova, causing front damage. All 7 airbags of the Innova Crysta deployed, and no passenger in the Innova was injured.

All seven airbags (one on steering wheel, one on left side of dashboard, two on either sides from front glass pillar to rear quarter panels, two on either sides of front seats on their outer sides and one for driver knee) deployed. Even in an accident of such an average impact. The phrase “SAFE AS A HOUSE” gets a whole new meaning.

Toyota Innova Crash Airbags (5)

At the time of Etios, Toyota India had stated that there are many reasons why airbags did not reply. Seems like the company has worked towards reducing the if’s and but’s required to deploy an airbag in the event of an accident.


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