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Toyota Innova Crysta owner spends Rs 15 lakhs on modification – Here is the result

A custom house in Thailand has taken a used Toyota Innova Crysta and turned it into a more luxurious Lexus look-alike. Cost of the car has now shot up to Rs 28.7 lakhs (cost of the used car plus cost of modification).

The custom house has heavily modified the Toyota Innova and fitted it with a Lexus Spindle grille with dull metal surrounds, inverted L shaped fog lamp housing as seen on the Lexus LX and a black finish splitter at the base of the bumper.

Though the Innova proudly displays its Toyota insignia, a first glance exudes a Lexus design. The custom house has also modified sides with low profile tyres and side skirts while dual tone bumpers and a faux diffuser is also to be seen.

Other exterior features of the Toyota Innova that have been modified and made it resemble the Lexus are the gloss black roof finish and chrome door handles and ORVMs.

This entire makeover takes the custom house a total of 16 days and costs Rs 15 lakhs, over the price of the stock car. The price not only includes the kit but also installation and painting.

This is by far the wackiest mod-job we have seen so far on the new Toyota Innova Crysta. In India, the popular MPV retails for a starting price of Rs 14.33 lakhs. Spending more money, than the actual cost of the car, to make it look like a Lexus, the owner seems a huge Lexus fan.