Toyota Innova facelift launch price leaked

Toyota Innova facelift prices leaked prior to launch (1)Where diesel engine powered Toyota Innova facelift seven and eight seaters are concerned prices will start at INR 10,89,360 for the Innova G 7s and INR 10,93,981 for Innova G 8s. The Innova GX 7s and 8s models will be priced at INR 12,45,604 and 12,50,366 respectively. Innova VX 7s is priced at INR 14,53,136 and the VX 8s is priced at INR 14,57,780. Innova Z 7s is priced at INR 15,06,718.

Petrol engined Innova facelift models include the Innova G 8s priced at INR 10,20,345, GX 8s priced at INR 11,58,740 and the Innova VX 7s priced at INR 13,69,530. The top end Z variant is also set for launch and will come in with a price tag of INR 17.66 lakhs. Engines on the Innova are a 2.5 liter D-4D diesel and 2 liter petrol unit. While the diesel unit offers 102 PS and 200 Nm, the petrol engine offers 132 PS and 181 Nm. (Price source: MotorBeam, Images: Fly-Wheel)

Toyota Innova facelift prices leaked prior to launch (2)

Toyota Innova 2013 Price in India (ex-showroom, Delhi) are as follows-

Innova Diesel Price list –

  • Innova G (7s) – Rs. 10,89,364/-
  • Innova G (8s) – Rs. 10,93,981/-
  • Innova GX (7s) – Rs. 12,45,604/-
  • Innova GX (8s) – Rs. 12,50,366/-
  • Innova VX (7s) – Rs. 14,53,136/-
  • Innova VX (8s) – Rs. 14,57,780/-
  • Innova Z (7s) – Rs. 15,06,718/-

Innova Petrol Price list –

  • Innova G (8s) – Rs. 10,20,345/-
  • Innova GX (8s) – Rs. 11,58,740/-
  • Innova VX (7s) – Rs. 13,69,530/-

Toyota Innova 2013 Price in India (on-road, Delhi) –

Innova Diesel On Road Prices list –

  • Innova G (7s) – Rs. 12,81,519/-
  • Innova G (8s) – Rs. 12,86,995/-
  • Innova GX (7s) – Rs. 14,63,026/-
  • Innova GX (8s) – Rs. 14,68,557/-
  • Innova VX (7s) – Rs. 17,04,119/-
  • Innova VX (8s) – Rs. 17,09,514/-
  • Innova Z (7s) – Rs. 17,66,367/-

Innova Petrol on road Price list –

  • Innova G (8s) – Rs. 11,75,942/-
  • Innova GX (8s) – Rs. 13,33,258/-
  • Innova VX (7s) – Rs. 15,72,755/-

This means, the topend model, as predicted, will be priced at Rs 18 lakh on road Mumbai. Apart from this, buyers will also have the option of choosing accessory package, on offer by Toyota India dealers. These include – Genuine Accessories Pack for Rs 7495, Toyota Car Care for Rs 6557, and Rs 11,301 for 3M body care pack.

Comparing the above price of Innova facelift with the existing price of Innova, Toyota India has not increased prices, i.e. after considering the recent price hike announced by the company. The only variants to feature price difference, are the GX and VX variants, as they feature a price hike of Rs 9,300 and Rs 10,800 respectively.