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Toyota Innova HyCross Beats Hector, Harrier, Safari – Feb 2023 Sales

Toyota Innova HyCross is the newest arrival in the Rs 20-30 lakh SUV segment – It rivals XUV700, Scorpio N, Harrier, Hector, Safari

New Toyota Innova HyCross Sales Feb 2023

For a very long time, MG Hector was on the offensive by leading sales charts in the segment. It was overthrown by Tata brothers Harrier and Safari. Tata SUVs have now been overtaken by Mahindra twins, XUV700 and Scorpio N. In an already competitive segment, there has arrived a new rival, Toyota Innova HyCross.

With the launch of Innova Hycross, Toyota seems to have crashed the mid-size SUV party with pricing and size falling around a similar bracket. Within a month or two, Hycross has caught up and is now dangerously close to Mahindra XUV700’s numbers at 2nd spot.

Innova HyCross sales vs Rivals - Feb 2023
Innova HyCross sales vs Rivals – Feb 2023

Mahindra vs Tata vs Toyota vs MG – Rs 20 lakh to Rs 30 lakh segment

At top spot, we have Mahindra Scorpio with 6,950 units sold in February 2023. As compared to 2,610 units sold a year ago and 8,715 units sold a month before, Scorpio registered 166.28% YoY growth with 4,340 units gained in volume and 20.25% MoM decline with 1,765 units lost in volume. Market share is down to 32.34%, from 44.58% a month before.

In 2nd spot, we have XUV700 with 4,505 units. Similar to Scorpio, XUV700 registers a positive YoY growth of 8.87% with 367 units volume growth, but suffers 22.15% MoM decline, losing 1,282 units in volume, bringing market share to 20.97% from 29.61%. There is a huge demand with both these models, and Mahindra seems to be facing production challenges, denoted by drop in MoM numbers.

Innova HyCross % share in segment vs Rivals - Feb 2023
Innova HyCross % share in segment vs Rivals – Feb 2023

Innova Hycross has garnered 4,169 units in its maiden month. Putting it above midsize SUV sales stalwarts like Harrier, Safari and Hector. Given Toyota’s reputation, we would wager that numbers will mostly stay constant, if not go up from here. Tata managed to sell 3,306 units of Harrier and Safari combined, registering 27.15% YoY decline.

However, Tata has gained 26.96% MoM by gaining 702 units in volume as opposed to 2,604 units sold in January 2023. Individually, Harrier sold 2,054 units and Safari sold 1,252 units with both of them registering YoY decline and MoM gain in numbers. Recently launched Red dark Edition with ADAS tech should help Tata gain some market share in March 2023.

MG Sold 2,558 Hectors

At 5th place in this list, we have MG with 2,558 Hectors (Hector + Hector Plus) sold last month. Unlike Tata brothers, MG registered positive growth in both YoY and MoM analysis. MG saw sales go up by 21.69% YoY and 4.79% MoM. This was enough to surpass 2,102 units sold a year ago and 2,441 units sold a month before.

Volume growth stood at 456 units YoY and 117 units MoM. In total, contenders in this list contributed to 21,488 units which saw a green backdrop last month. We’re talking about a 60.50% YoY growth and 9.93% MoM growth. Volume growth stood at 8,100 units YoY and 1,941 units Mom.

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