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Toyota is the largest car manufacturer in the world for 2012


Toyota Motors, lost their crown of being the largest car manufacturer to GM in 2011, due to the tsunami in Japan and floods in Thailand. Amazingly, they have sprung back to the top of the table where 2012 global car sales are mentioned.

Toyota is the largest car manufacturer in the world for 2012Japanese car makers, Toyota Motors sold 9.748 million vehicles in 2012, compared to second placed GM’s 9.29 million vehicles. General Motors had been the world’s largest car manufacturer for 70 years, before 2008, which is when Toyota overtook them. For 2012, Volkswagen takes the number 3 spot with 9.1 million vehicles.

In the Toyota Group, there is Dahitsu Motor Company, and Hino Motors Ltd. Both of these registered a positive increase in sales for 2012, helping Toyota in regaining the No 1 spot from GM. Sales from Toyota Motors only, stood at 8.72 million, up 22.8% compared to 2011. Toyota’s Japanese rivals, Honda sold 3.82 million vehicles while Nissan Motors sold 4.94 million. Toyota Motors now looks at 2013, during which they aim to register a sales of 9.91 million. This means that the Japan based manufacturer is aiming at achieving a growth rate of 1.6% during 2013.

Speaking on their regaining of the No 1 Title, Shino Yamada, spokeswoman, Toyota Motors said, “Rather than going after numbers, we hope to make fine products, one by one, to keep out customers satisfied. The numbers are just a result of our policy. And our policy will continue unchanged.”


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