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Toyota Kikai Concept hotrod opens up engine and mechanism to view

With Kikai meaning ‘Mechanism’ in Japanese, the Toyota Kikai concept is just that and more, displaying its entire 1.5L hybrid engine set up and inner workings. This three seater, central drive, mid-engined vehicle with its open engine allows occupants to view how exactly the vehicle runs, maneuvers and stops.

Exteriors sport wheels with motorcycle like fenders while dimensions stand at 3,400mm in length, 1,800mm in width and 1,550mm in height. The Toyota Kikai sits on a wheelbase measuring 2,450mm.

Interiors accommodates a three seat layout (a single central driver seat and a bench seat for passengers at the rear) with a red and black color scheme. Below the driver’s seat is a small window offering a view of tyres and suspension allowing the driver to experience the speed at which the vehicle is travelling.

The engine and suspension is exposed so that beholders can appreciate the mechanisms.

The car’s mechanics include a toggle switch, column shift and meter but what stands out as extraordinary is the right hand meter which features a picture of an arrow, an angular line and an image of a pig, yes a pig! Toyota has offered no explanations as to the reason for these pictorial signs. While the arrow rotates to indicate direction the car is moving in and the LCD indicates the route ahead, the picture of the pig is anybody’s guess.

The image of a pig on the right-most instrument dial goes unexplained!

Toyota Kikai Concept will not be going into production now or any time in the future and just added for fun to the Toyota’s stall at the Tokyo Motor Show. This is sad as herein ends the mystery to the pig and 570 m symbol!

Toyota Kikai Concept – Live Photos

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