Toyota Motor Corporation develops Pre collision System


With over 90% of accidents caused through rear end collision, occurring when both vehicles are travelling at varying speeds, Toyota Motor Corporation has announced the unique development of a Pre Collision System which is effective even when vehicle are travelling at high speeds. This collision avoidance assist uses millimeter wave radar which immediately senses risk of rear end collision with vehicle up ahead. The system is programmed to warn the driver through sound and visual displays as soon as such impending dangers are detected.

Through this Pre Collision System (PCS) deceleration of upto 60 kmph is possible thereby increasing braking force twofold than compared to what drivers will be capable of. If the driver fails to apply brakes the system automatically applies brakes of 15 kmph to 30 kmph.

Toyota Motors has developed this system of enhanced braking which will be seen in its soon to be launched models. PCS will go a long way in elimination of fatal accidents and injuries and will project company’s commitment to safer mobility, safer initiatives being adhered to by drivers and will also be conduction educational traffic safety activities to portray these aspirations.


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