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Toyota New SUV Patent Leaks – Electric or ICE or Hybrid?

Toyota C-HR is currently powered by either a 1.2L petrol engine or a 1.8L hybrid powertrain

Toyota New SUV Patent Leaks
Toyota New SUV Patent Leaks – Image By DRIVE

Globally, Toyota is one of the manufacturers that is stood at the forefront of pushing this industry towards carbon neutrality. Toyota has worked extensively towards alternate fuels. Fruits of which can be seen in Toyota Mirai which is powered by Hydrogen fuel cells.

Not just that, Toyota is also working on an internal combustion engine that combusts hydrogen too. Along with these, Toyota has recently been offering BZ series of vehicles which are EVs. BZ series are usually based on Toyota’s popular ICE vehicles. For example, BZ4X is an electrified RAV4, and BZ3 is an electrified Corolla.

In Australia, Toyota new SUV patent has been leaked and it makes one wonder. We say this because it has traits that could be traced to a petrol-hybrid vehicle and as well as an EV. Let’s take a look.

Toyota New SUV Patent – EV?

Toyota unveiled a dozen EVs at the end of 2021 after a long time of not coming up with any EVs at all. There was an electric Tundra pickup truck, an electric FJ Cruiser called Compact Cruiser EV, Small SU EV which was an electric C-HR and a lot more. What we’re most interested in is the Small SU EV which is awe7 similar to the vehicle in the patent filed by Toyota.

Toyota Small SU EV Concept
Toyota Small SU EV Concept

Since it is smaller than BZ4X and BZ3, it can be called BZ2X owing to its crossover styling. The patent gets a similar design language that looks like an evolution of C-HR’s design. Even the alloy wheel design is similar. Headlight shape, LED DRL shape, Lexus-inspired spindle design front, flush door handles, and a lot more are retained from Small SU EV concept.

The basic silhouette of this upcoming SUV is kept similar to C-HR’s which was a radical design, but has split opinions worldwide. It gets two flaps in its rear quarter panels as BZ vehicles in China get for dual charging ports. All-in-all, it can be said that it looks like an electric version of C-HR.

ICE Vehicle?

Now this is where confusions start to arise. Toyota new SUV patent doesn’t get a closed off grille like with Small SU EV concept. In fact, it has an open mesh present on ICE vehicles for letting air in to cool the engine. Coming to the wheels on this patent, they are similar to wheels offered with Yaris Cross GR Sport.

Toyota New SUV Patent - Rear
Toyota New SUV Patent – Rear

Toyota’s PHEV offerings come with two flaps. One for re-fueling petrol and other for charging the battery. This new design language was earlier predicted to be exclusive to BZ range, but Crown series got it too. An exhaust pipe is not visible though. Again, hinting at an EV.

Toyota is working on new E3 platform that is focused for Europe. That platform was supposed to feature with the new generation of C-HR. Guess what this patent also looks like? A new generation of C-HR. Toyota has not revealed any official info regarding this yet. 2nd gen C-HR is likely to be unveiled in a few months and this might be it.


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