Toyota Parts Connect website launched to offer genuine spare parts

Toyota Parts Connect online portal launched by Toyota Kirloskar Motors is operational only in Bangalore as on date but will be extended to other cities across India in due course. This online portal allows users to avail genuine spare parts and accessories for all Toyota models on sale in the country.

A total of 400 Toyota genuine parts can be purchased through Toyota Parts Connect website. These include brake pads, wiper blades, oil filters, etc besides over 30 accessories while the company will be adding other spares and accessories to the list. Customers can source these parts online while they will be delivered to the nearest Toyota service center. Some spares will also be accompanied by instruction manuals.

Toyota Parts Connect online
A screen-shot of the Toyota Parts Connect website

Toyota Kirloskar Motors is the first OEM in India to offer this online purchase facility for genuine spare parts and accessories. Customers can access these services at

As on date, Toyota supplies spare parts twice a day to all metro cities thanks to an efficient supply system and logistics network. The company claims to be the best in the industry with 98.5 percent supply rate of spares. It is due to the fast paced growth of Indian digital commerce due to internet access and widespread use of smartphones, tablets and laptops. Customers can source their car needs through this highly efficient digital platform and though launched only in Bangalore, customers in other cities will soon also be able to avail of this service.

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