Toyota U2 concept envisions future Urban SUV

Toyota U2 conceptToyota U2 is designed for dense and poorly maintained road conditions (like here in our country), where traffic is bumper to bumper and roads are riddled with pot holes and bumps. With its flexible and functional gadgetry which can be adjusted according to each buyer’s requirements, Toyota U2 is most suitable for buyers who have a lot of gear and equipment to carry.

U2 from Toyota is the size of a compact car but has the space and functionality of a compact truck or cargo van. It sports a distinctive rear end with retractable roof and a tailgate which can be used as a ramp. With rear windshield that winds down into the tailgate the U2 concept can accommodate long and tall loads while at the same time offering protection against weather conditions. Rear side windows also slide to allow users to have easy roadside access to goods stored at the rear.

Interiors of the Toyota U2 are interchangeable to suit demands of various buyers. It can comfortably seat upto 4 adults in individual bucket seats with each of these seats expect the driver’s seat being foldable or removable.

Toyota U2 Concept is developed by Toyota’s Calty Design Research Division, Newport Beach in California and is based on an open architecture concept. It sports a futuristic central console with floating arm rests and gear selector while movable front passenger seat and rail system allows for transportation of varied cargo.