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Tractor Sales Jan 2021 – Mahindra, Sonalika, Escorts, Eicher In Top 10

Mahindra Tractor
Mahindra Tractor

Mahindra and Sonalika continue to march forward to improve tractor retails for January 2021

FADA reported tractor retail registrations for January 2021 at over 11 percent Growth. Data reported doesn’t include numbers from AP, MP, LD and TS as they aren’t available on Vahan 4. Reported on February 7, 2021, registration data is collated from 1,273 of 1,480 RTOs.

Mahindra tractor sales tops the retail sales chart as always at 13,476 units. Sales growth is reported at 4.24 percent, up from 12,928 units at Market Share (MS) of 22.18 percent.

Mahindra Swaraj sales is reported at 10.211 units at 11.93 percent growth. Volumes grew by almost 1,100 units, up from 9,123 units at MS of 16.81 percent. Sonalika continues its winning streak at 8,647 units. Growth is reported at over 30 percent, up from 6,563 units at volume gain of 2,084 units at 14.23 percent market share.

Eicher reports decline in Jan 21

Escorts gained 11.81 percent to acquire MS of 11.42 percent. Retail sales reg grew to 6,941 units, up from 6,208 units at volume gain of 733 units. Tafe reports marginal decline down at 6,230 units from 6,249 units. John Deere gained ground at 7.77 percent MS. Retail sales grew to 4,721 units from 4,246 units at volume gain of just under 500 units.

Tractor Retail Sales Jan 2021 vs Jan 2020 (YoY)
Tractor Retail Sales Jan 2021 vs Jan 2020 (YoY) – FADA

Eicher retails declined at 1.44 percent. Retail sales reg fell to 3,831 units from 3,887 units. MS stood at 6.31 percent. CNH Industrial gained 22.54 percent. Retails gained at 2,457 units, up from just over 2k units at volume gain of 452 units. Kubota had a good showing, up at over a 1,000 units from 814 units.

Large swathes of green in Jan 21

VST gained from 472 units, up at 517 units. Force Motors gained 5.36 percent, up at 295 units from 280 units. Captain reported retails at 184 units, down 5.64 percent from 168 units. Indo Farm reported 154 registrations, down from 168 units.

Others accounted for 2,057 units, up 34.97 percent, up from 1,524 units at volume gain of just over 500 units. In all, tractor retail registrations grew at 11.14 percent, up at over 60k units. Sales grew to 60,754 units, up from 54,662 units at volume gain of 6,092 units.

Tractor Retail Sales Jan 2021
Tractor Retail Sales Jan 2021 vs Dec 2020 (MoM) – FADA

While YoY growth has been the norm with the exception of a few, MoM sales is largely in the red. VST did report growth, and so did cumulative ‘Others’. MoM decline is reported at 12.08 percent as volumes fell by 8,351 units, down from 69,105 units.

While the year hasn’t been particularly in favour of the larger auto sector, tractor sales has been more or less in the green. And seeing as January 2021 numbers are, tractor sales growth for the remaining two months would help the industry report a strong fiscal.

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