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Tractor Sales June 2021 – Mahindra, Swaraj, Sonalika, Escorts, Eicher

Mahindra Swaraj Tractor Sales June 2021
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Tractor registrations grew 14.27 percent in June 21 with Mahindra and Mahindra Swaraj adding most to total sales

Federation of Automobile Dealers Associations (FADA), has released a list of registration of tractors in June 2021. It may be seen from the attached table that sales have increased over the past year. Registrations saw a 14.27 percent YoY growth to 52,261 units while registrations in June 20 had been at 45,735 units. This when compared to that of June 2019 is a marked improvement as sales in that month had been at 40,937 units.

Mahindra and Mahindra Swaraj headed this list. Mahindra registrations stood at 11,634 units in June 21, with the company holding a market share of 22.26 percent. This was marginally higher as against 11,191 units registered in June 20 when market share was higher at 24.47 percent.

The outlook remains positive for the months ahead as the monsoons progress favorably which could lead to increased tractor demand. This Vehicle Retail Data has been collated as on 8th June 2021 in association with Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, Government of India and collected from 1,294 out of 1,497 RTOs.

The Mahindra Swaraj Division saw sales to the extent of 8,440 units, allowing for a market share of 16.15 percent in June 21. This was as against 7,164 units sold in June 20 when market share was at 15.66 percent.

Tractor Retail Sales June 2021 vs June 2020 (YoY)
Tractor Retail Sales June 2021 vs June 2020 (YoY)

Sonalika Group, International Tractors Limited, has seen registrations of 6,687 units last month as against 4,999 units of June 20. Market share increased from 10.93 percent to 12.80 percent YoY. The company is fully committed to launch a maximum number of new tractors in FY22.

Escorts, Tafe, John Deere

While Escorts noted an increase in market share with 6,473 units retailed last month and market share increasing from 11.82 percent to 12.39 percent YoY that of TAFE and John Deere dipped. TAFE Limited sold 6,468 units last month down from 6,646 units retailed in June 20 relating to a fall in market share from 14.53 percent to 12.38 percent YoY.

John Deere suffered a marginal dip in retails from 3,534 units in June 20 to 3,838 units in June 21 while market share dipped from 7.73 percent to 7.34 percent during the same period.

Tractor Retail Sales June 2021 vs May 2021 (MoM)
Tractor Retail Sales June 2021 vs May 2021 (MoM)

Eicher and CNH along with Kubota all posted higher sales in June 21 over that of June 20. However while market share of Eicher and CNH increased, that of Kubota declined YoY. Tractor retails of VST and Force Motors declined YoY while that of Indo Farm Equipment increased from 88 units retailed in June 20 to 241 units in the past month.

Captain Tractors also posted a YoY sales growth. Other tractor makers in the same space saw total registrations to the tune of 1,680 units in June 21 from 1,169 units sold in June 20.

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