Traffic cop oversees towing operators damage a wrongly parked car

A traffic cop in Mumbai has been caught on camera damaging a wrongly parked car. The traffic cop and towing operators are trying to tow a car which has it’s handbrake on. In order to release the handbrake, the towing operators are trying to break into the car, with the help of iron rods and all this under the watchful eye of Mumbai Traffic Cop.

The video was shot by Nikhil Tandon and uploaded on YouTube. On seeing that their act was getting recorded, the cop seems to get a little cautious and asks the towing operators to stop their breaking-in act. What they do next is what many car owners in India will be aware of. The towing operators tow the car in such a way that the front bumper of the car is damaged.

Watch how a traffic cop damages wrongly parked car in the name of towingFinding a parking spot for your car is becoming difficult in major cities of India, just as is the case in major cities across the globe. There are more vehicles than parking space available on our streets. So when you park the car in a no-parking zone with handbrakes on, do you think the cops or towing operators have the authority to break into your car, the way it is being done in the video above?

Nikhil states, “The car might have been parked in the wrong spot but thats no way to Tow it. These guys are permitted to Tow vehicles, not to damage them. they are supposed to invest in proper hydraulic cranes which allow them to tow cars without damaging them. We all know that even if they damage the car there’s nothing you can do about it. Its an extremely frustrating situation.”