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Traffic cop suspended for carrying out humiliating body search by the roadside (Videos)

Traffic cop suspended for carrying out  (2)A female state trooper has been suspended after allegations citing an illegal cavity search were leveled against her after a routine traffic stop. US citizens Angel Dobbs and Ashely Dobbs were pulled over for a routine traffic stop after trooper David Farrell saw them throwing a cigarette out of their car window.

After checking of their papers he called in for support as he felt that the car smelling of marijuana. Trooper Kelley Helleson reported to the scene to help search the women. The search was carried out in front of the dash cam installed in the trooper’s car. Footage shows the entire process which was carried out in full view of the public on the side of a public freeway.

The video also has Angel Dobbs saying that she was violated/ molested during this process. The search never yielded any marijuana and the women were let off after being issued with a warning for littering. Following this incident both women sued troopers Kelley Helleson and David Farell along with director of Department of Public Safety in a US federal District court.

Source: DailyMail

Traffic cop suspended for carrying out  (1)

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