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Traffic cop caught on camera throwing brick at a woman for not paying bribe (Update)

An altercation between a woman and a Delhi Traffic Cop which took place this morning near India Gate, ended in a rather shocking manner.

The woman in the video has been identified as Ramanjeet Kaur. She was on her way back home from a parent-teacher meet. She had her daughter along with her, when she allegedly jumped a red light, which is when the traffic cop, Head Constable Satish Chand pulled her over and asked for her documents. See for yourself how it ended in the video below.

When the traffic cop told her she had jumped a red light, Kaur said that she did not. She then adds, “If I did jump a traffic light, I am sorry. Here are my documents are I can pay Rs 200.” To this, the cop, Satish Chand said that he will have to fine her as she has broken a traffic law.

Satish first checked all her documents, after finding them in place, he told her that she can pay Rs 200 and go. But Kaur said that she is willing to get a challan and only then she will pay Rs 200 or you can send the challan at home and then she will pay.

Kaur says, at this point Satish got angry and started abusing me and my daughter. He then held my hand and started hitting me, damaged my scooter and threw a brick at me. He was then trying to run from the scene on his motorcycle. Luckily for us, my daughter had dialled 100. Soon police came to rescue us.

Kaur is currently being treated for her injuries at Delhi’s Ram Manohar Lohia hospital. Muktesh Chander, Jt Commissioner of Police (Traffic) is investigating the case. Meanwhile, Satish has been suspended from duty.

UPDATE: At the time of publishing the above story, we had only written about what Kaur had to say. As per passers-by, who were witness to the entire episode share the episode with us, here is what actually happened.

Sachin Kumar – A woman was riding with 2 kids on a scooty, which is a crime. The kids were not wearing helmets, which is a crime. Then she jumped a red light, which is a crime. A policeman stopped her and asked for bribe, which is a crime. The woman tried to run away after being stopped, seeing this the policeman tried to stop her and the scooty lost its balance and the woman and kids fell to the ground. The woman got up and hit the policeman with a stone. Hitting an officer on duty is a big big crime. The officer retaliated by hitting the woman with a brick, which is again a crime. This is the actual account of what happened in the city today.

 Th video does not show this, the woman first threw a brick at the traffic cop – Manoj Tyagi
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