Traffic fine for speeding in India to include shaming culprits in newspapers

The Government of India under draft Road Transport and Safety Bill seeks¬†“name and shame” for speedsters. According to the new bill, speedsters will have to shell out heavy fines and will also face suspension or cancellation of their licenses.

police on patrol

Not only will this, but names and photos of speedsters also will be published in local newspapers in english and local languages. Guess who will pay for this advertisement? The offender, obviously.

Set to be introduced in Parliament during second half of the session, the Govt. thinks social embarrassment to be the only answer in order to reduce speeding menace on our roads, which results in a large number of fatal accidents on a daily basis. Speeding has been the cause of over 56% of 1.38 lakh deaths Indian roads during 2013. It continues to be an increasing menace over the past year as well. Traffic fine for speeding in India will be to the tune of INR 1,000 for over-speeding by 5-9 kms while those breaking the limit by 19 kmph will have to shell out INR 2,000.

As per Section 298 of the law, persons breaking the speed limit will have no other option but to be publicly embarrassed with name and photograph being published in three leading local newspapers. Sign posts distinctively highlighting speed limits will be prominently displayed after taking into consideration various aspects with regard to road condition, density of traffic and other issues, while CCTVs will be installed at prominent places to help police nail the offenders.

cops checking two wheelers

Other issues such as driving under the influence of alcohol and narcotics will also attract immediate arrest and hefty fines in a bid to bring about better law and order on Indian roads in the future.