Traffic fines in India to be increased : Drunk driving INR 10k, Speeding INR 4k

In view of the increasing number of road accidents, undisciplined drivers and rising number of blatant law breakers, the Transport Ministry has decided to clamp down on offenders by introducing hefty fines and imprisonment besides cancellation of licenses.

With drunk driving being a major cause of concern, the Ministry has proposed an INR 10,000 penalty besides 6 months imprisonment and suspension of license for a period of 3 months. Repeat offenders will get imprisonment for 2 years while license will be cancelled.

Delhi Traffic police
Delhi Traffic police

Speedsters on the road will be fined INR 2,000 for the first offence while repeat offence will attract fine of INR 4,000. The fine for use of a cell phone while driving will stand at INR 100 for first offence to be increased to INR 300 for repeat offences. Not wearing a helmet will see a 10 fold increase in fine from a present INR 100 to INR 1,000.

Apart from this, Road Transport Ministry has decided to clamp down on juvenile drivers by holding the guardian or owner of the vehicle responsible.

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The fact that a juvenile is at the wheel is understood as having got the guardian or owners consent and hence it is treated as an abetment to the crime. If the new regulation is passed, the guardian or owner could be held liable for the offence and see cancellation of registration.

State Transport Ministers will be meeting in Bengaluru next week to discuss these proposals and device plans which could bring about a notable reduction in road fatalities. While these proposals will be put up, it will depend on lawmakers to take final decisions and pass these proposals.

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