Traffic sign in France takes the cake when it comes to morbid sense of humor

Disturbing but true. The rather peculiar Traffic sign in France is a last resort to try and slow down traffic in the region. Speed bumps and mini roundabouts besides a 30 kmph speed limit have failed to slow down drivers in the region and hence the authorities had no other recourse than to resort to black humour to appeal to speedsters in a region which has seen a host of accidents in the recent past.

traffic sign in france

While residents have viewed the traffic sign installed in Bretenières south of Dijon about four months ago with some trepidation, the Mayor of Côte-d’Or village, Hervé Bruyère, elected mayor in last year’s local elections, has regaled the sign. Though unconventional, the traffic sign should draw the attention of motorists in the area and instigate them to slow down, if not for their own safety, but for the safety of children and other innocent people in the region.

The traffic sign, which has been put up in Burgundy, has seen many residents in the area venting their ire in the form of letters to the local newspapers while Bruyère claims that the slogan was suggested by a communications assistant and was adopted only after much contemplation in a hope that it would encourage drivers to slow down along the straight road that passes just outside a village school. Motorists have been noted to speed past at 70 kmph and 80kmph and several near misses have been noted.

via Le Bien Public