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Transformers in real life are no longer a myth

Real life transformer

What if you were told that the Transformers were for real, and no longer toys or animated characters in movies? It would be fun, right?

Real life transformerWe are not sure if the Transformers are for real, or not. But for some, they are heroes. In the video below, a street artist features as a human transformer and is entertaining kids on the streets of Ann Arbor, MI in the US.

The costume of this street artist is probably the most practical for a human. Look how well he transforms into a car, and then goes around too, all in a matter of seconds. How did he manage to do it? If you know, leave your answers in the comments box below.

BTW, the Transformers movie featuring Mark Wahlberg is going to be released next month. Below is the latest trailer, which has Lamborghini Aventador as a transformer.


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