Folks lift LCV to rescue trapped motorist (Video)

It could go horribly wrong when a LCV lands on you. Surveillance camera footage from an intersection at Hangzhou shows passersby react, and do all they can to save the trapped motorist.

Trapped motorist Hangzhou folk lift LCV CCTV
CCTV screen grab: Road users lift container truck to rescue motorist pinned down.

While the intersection ain’t bustling with traffic, a slow moving scooter that’s crossing over to the other side finds itself in the path of an oncoming LCV. The driver attempts to take corrective action in the short span of less than 2 seconds, but it’s all too much at the end. Both vehicles make contact, and the swerving LCV tilts and falls on its left, pinning the motorist down.

Within the next twenty seconds, the few vehicles driving the same route come to a stop, and passersby jet towards the toppled vehicle. Those in their vehicles, exit and run forward to sort the chaos. The first wave of rescuers attempt to lift the trailor end of the vehicle that’s made contact with the ground. Another group of passerby jump onto the vehicle underbody and use their body weight to tilt the vehicle back into position.

While the CCTV video footage ends after the first rescue attempt, it is confirmed that two minutes later, rescue efforts were resumed. Most likely, more people joined in and this time the group moved in a more strategic manner to rescue the trapped motorist. He was taken to hospital, and a doctor said the man is in stable condition. The video was filmed on 1st April.