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Brand New Triumph Bonneville Bobber crashes into Maruti Swift

India has the highest number of road deaths registered every year. Approximately over 400 people die in India due to road related deaths. Time and again, the government, police social activists, NGOs, etc have highlighted the dangers of over-speeding on public roads, especially when you are in control of a powerful vehicle.

But it seems that not everyone is taking this seriously as the number of accident continue to rise. The latest high speed accident to be reported involves the newly launched Triumph Bonneville Bobber and a Maruti Swift. This took place in Jaipur last night.

Eyewitness reveals that the Triumph rider was over-speeding as the roads were pretty much free from traffic as it was late in the night. While the rider was passing through the junction at high speed, there was a Maruti Swift driver who too was going to cross the junction. Sadly, neither of them slowed down, leading to an eventual crash.

In the accident, the Triumph rider was seriously injured as he was not wearing any safety gear of helmet. The rider was taken to a hospital by people on the road at that time. The Maruti Swift driver on the other hand, did not suffer any injury.

Speaking about the damage done to the bike, the speed at which the impact took place resulted in the front forks break and the wheel has completely come-off. Maruti Swift’s front bumper has come off, bonnet has dents, and left quarter has been badly damaged.

Launched at a starting price of INR 9.09 lakh, ex-Delhi, it is believed that this was the first Triumph Bonneville Bobber which was delivered to a customer in Jaipur. It is powered by a parallel twin 1200 cc engine which delivers 77 PS and 106 Nm. The single seat motorcycle is one of the most iconic two wheeler on sale today.

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