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New Trouve Electric Motorcycle Teased – Claims 200 Kmph Top Speed

Trouve Motor readies to launch fully faired sporty electric hyper sports bike in H1 2022

Trouve Electric Motorcycle Teaser
Trouve Electric Motorcycle Teaser

IIT-Delhi incubated start-up, Trouve Motor has teased its electric Hyper-Sports bike. Launch and pre-booking are scheduled for H2 2022. Those intrigued can submit an interest in buying on the company website.

A fully-faired sporty design, top speed is pegged at 200 kmph. Most alluring is the fact that the company will make its new bike go from 0-100 kmph in just 3 seconds. Features include LED advanced infotainment display, GPS navigation, and real-time vehicle diagnostic, among others.

Being tech-driven, company structure is blockchain integrated with its own metaverse ecosystem. And there’s a rewarding system for users. To be a global offering, Trouve will launch ‘one of the safest two-wheelers in the world’. In the months to come, Trouve will launch new model types, including a naked street bike, scrambler, and enduro model.

Trouve Electric Motorcycle

Trouve Motor is structuring itself as a global premium electric bike manufacturer. The superbike has an all-electric powertrain that combines a liquid-cooled AC induction motor to generate 40 kW power. Below is the official teaser video that was released today. Upon launch, it could rival the upcoming Ultraviolette F77, which is backed by TVS Motor investment.

Benefitting from an AI-enabled system, the will feature a laser lighting package, LED advanced infotainment display, 360 Camera, TFT touch screen display, connected features, GPS navigation, real-time vehicle diagnostic, Brembo brakes with dual-channel ABS, adjustable suspension, and other tech. The quest is to introduce tech seen for the first time in this developing two-wheeler segment. In time, more features will be revealed.

Arun Sunny, Founder of Trouve Motor, said, “We are excited to reveal the launch of our latest superbike. We are confident that our products will cater to our moto the future of electric vehicles and it will transform the way consumers ride bikes and revolutionize the electric two-wheeler segment forever. It comes equipped with exceptional new-age mobility features that will not only make bike riding more comfortable but also tech-savvy and digital-first like never before.”

Raising seed funding

The company recently joined FasterCapital’s Raise Capital programme to raise about $3M for its seed funding round. The Dubai based venture capital firm will connect Trouve Motor with angel investors to achieve funding targets.

In fostering a shift to electric mobility, the company already has five more models in the pipeline. They are being designed and developed from ground up at Trouve’s R&D centre in IIT Delhi, and its facility at Bangalore. The electric superbike segment is one that hasn’t yet come into mainstream existence. As such, the segment for now is open to interpretation and expectation until defining parameters are established.

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