Braking Bad – Truck’s cabin crushed by its own cargo (Video)

A truck driver lost his life in what can be described as a weird, horrific and extremely rare road accident. The truck’s cabin was crushed by its own cargo which experienced a forward acceleration due to inertia.

The incident is reported to have happened late last month at Chuzhou city, Anhui Province in China. The truck was carrying very thick and heavy steel rods. The sad incident took place at crossroads and the dashboard cam of a car approaching the junction from the opposite direction captured the whole thing.

As can be seen in the video, the driver failed to decelerate his heavy truck in time and hence resorted to very heavy braking as he approached the cross roads. The sudden change in momentum of the vehicle hurtled the lethal cargo forward, destroying the cabin in its entirety. A traffic policeman stated that the vehicle was overloaded by 31% and that was one of the prime reasons for the mishap. Evidently the cargo was not fastened securely enough.

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When such heavy steel roads attempt to pierce through the truck cabin, the net result is always in favor of the rods irrespective of the cabin’s structural strength. Our thoughts go to the truck driver’s friends and family.